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DMI®’s solutions for IPTV services

Our video streaming solution are more fast there than traditional progressive download system.
We use latest streaming technique to send Entertainment program, variety, sports event education program stream to audient everywhere over internet.
Our streaming technique use various video format which coverage all range of IP devices devices.
You can watch stream program from your Mobile phone, Laptop PC or even IP Set top box.
We can do video streaming for Live HD program and normal TV program with speed and quality. Audient will be please with live program and On-Demand service.

Delivering and rendering superior quality internet protocol television IPTV services is not without any barriers and challenges.

IPTV requires bandwidth. Without sufficient bandwidth, video may appear “bursty”. In addition to bandwidth considerations, IPTV applications are subject to jitter, delay and packet loss. In IPTV, jitter can lead to buffer underflows and overflows at the receiving IP STB set-up box and other output equipments, such as computers, mobile phones and etc, which can result in poor signal quality.

Delay can cause slow reaction times to occur, which may frustrate the end-user. And packet loss, which tends to have the greatest impact on the quality of received video, will generally lead to highly visible blocking errors and reduced customer satisfaction.

So what’s the solution? How do network operators ensure that their IPTV services are being delivered at a quality level that is acceptable to the end-user?

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